Gabriel Abed


    Gabriel Abed is a 30 year old Barbadian, and Barbados-based global leader and expert on blockchain technology. His expertise has been developed through a pairing of academic pursuits and an indefatigable entrepreneurial spirit, driven by a belief in the revolutionary potential of technology and decentralized distributed ledgers for global good.

    His intellectual interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology took root in 2010 as an undergraduate at the University of Ontario pursuing a degree in Information Technology where he majored in Cryptographics and Network Security, graduating with Honors.  Enthralled by the potential of cryptocurrencies, and conscious of the revolution unfolding around him, he became an early adopter and lifetime evangelist.

    A passion for positive change, infused with 15 years of experience in the software and technology has lead to his current, and most groundbreaking journey as CEO and Founder of Bitt.

    Bitt is a FinTech purpose-driven company built around the twin pillars of global connection and financial inclusion with a firm focus on the Caribbean basin. Gabriel believes that Bitt offers revolutionary and unprecedented solutions to address the range of disruptive issues which face the Caribbean including de-risking, digital cash issuance, remittance and payment gateways while providing immense transformative potential to kickstart the region’s economic resurgence through a smart digital economy.

    With a significant multimillion dollar injection in his company from, the desire, grit and metal that Gabriel embodies has been recognised by global partners. This global recognition has equally been matched by global leadership. In February 2016, Bitt broke new ground by launching a digitised version of the Barbados dollar; the first ever global example of a digitised fiat currency being approved and embraced by a Central Bank.

    To date, Gabriel, the Caribbean’s leading and a globally-recognized authority on digital currencies has lead discussions and spoken on the subject of blockchain technology at the Caribbean Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, the United Nations, the Commonwealth Secretariat, multiple Central Bank forums and many other world stage forums.