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What is IGF?

In 2003 and 2005, the United Nations organized the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). One of the most critical outcomes from this landmark summit was the creation of the Internet Governance Forum, or the “IGF“. Each year there are global, national, and regional IGFs events happening around the world, including our own Caribbean IGF.

Every IGF offers a unique space for a an amazing range of people to share information and develop solutions on key Internet issues. It was purposefully designed not to be a decision-making body, which allows people to speak freely, on equal footing, without limitations linked to the negotiations of formal outcomes. What comes out of the IGF, however, plays an essential role in shaping decisions taken by other groups that help the Internet run.

About Barbados

In 2017 The Internet Society Barbados Chapter is leading a multistakeholder initiative to organize Barbados’ first IGF. The IGF will provide Barbadians from all sectors of society with a platform to discuss how they use the internet and the most pertinent issues affecting them. One of the key outputs from the IGF will be a comprehensive report detailing the critical internet governance issues affecting business, government, civic organizations and ordinary citizens across the island. We also hope to educate citizens about the various processes they can become involved with to build their knowledge and to make valuable contributions to internet governance.

IGF Barbados is organized in accordance with five core IGF principles, which are:

1. Open and transparent

2. Inclusive

3. Bottom-up

4. Multistakeholder

5. Non-commercial

What's up for discussion?

Barbados IGF 2017 topics include:

  •  – Barbadian Participation in Internet Governance
  •  – Internet Law
  •  – Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
  •  – The Internet and Activism
  •  – The Internet Economy


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About Barbados

Barbados is the most easterly island in the Caribbean island chain. Located just north of the equator, the climate is considered to be moderately tropical and temperatures typically range from between 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit (27-30 degrees Celsius) and 70 – 76% humidity for most of the year.

The Barbadian population is a diverse melting pot of people, the majority of whom are of African descent. Barbadians are renowned for being very friendly, and with tourism being a major contributor to the economy, it’s obvious that the people of Barbados are this little island’s best kept asset.

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Meet our valued and experienced speakers


Susan Hamlin

American Registry for Internet Numbers

Director of Communications and Member Services

    Ronelle King

    Life in Leggings


      Krystle Howell

      Institute of Internal Auditors Barbados Chapter


        Roger Hennis

        Deloitte Caribbean

        Senior Manager

          Gabriel Abed


          CEO and Founder

            Brian Linton

            Garnet Technologies Inc

            Chief Information Officer

              Julian Greig


              Founder and Managing Director

                Bevil Wooding

                Packet Clearing House

                Outreach Specialist

                  Philip Lewis

                  Northpoint Consulting Inc

                  Senior Business Development Consultant


                    Download a printable version here

                    Rodney Taylor - Data Processing Department

                    Kathy Brown - The Internet Society

                    University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus

                    Bevil Wooding - Packet Clearing House

                    Panelists: Niel Harper - The Internet Society Susan Hamlin - American Registry of Internet Numbers Albert Daniels - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Kevon Swift - Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre

                    Moderator: Bartlett Morgan - Internet Society Barbados Chapter

                    Brian Linton - Garnet Technologies

                    Charles Leacock - Director Public Prosecutions

                    Panelists: Julian Greig - Inc. Gabriel Abed - Bitt Phillip Lewis - Northpoint Consulting Inc. Tom Durbin - Lecturer in Law, UWI Cave Hill

                    Moderator: Antonio Lythcott - Northpoint Consulting Inc.

                    Ashell Forde - Chairperson, Barbados IGF Steering Committee

                    Panelists: Francois Griffith - Information Systems Security Association Brian White - Information Systems Security Association

                    Moderator: Gail Griffith - Data Processing Department, Cybersecurity Unit

                    Panelists: Trinidad and Tobago: Joel Mitchell Dominican Republic: Cesar Moline, Oswaldo Larancuent & Isaías Mercado Barbados: David Gittens Haiti: Max Larson

                    Moderator: Shernon Osepa - The Internet Society

                    Panelists: Krystal Howell - Institute of Internal Auditors Barbados Chapter Jeremy Stephens - University of the West Indies Cave Hill Patrick "Salt" Bellamy - SLAM 101.1 FM

                    Moderator: Jason Francis - Internet Society Barbados Chapter

                    Panelists: Ronelle King - Life in Leggings Lennox Rochester - Psychiatric Hospital Patrice Daniel - Supreme Counselling for Personal Development Corey Sandiford

                    Moderator: Nalita Gajadhar - Bureau of Gender Affairs

                    Panelists: Hanseley Straughn - E-Government Officer Justin Quinlan - Quinlan Ventures, Carizoom Sonia Mahon - University of the West Indies Cave Hill Adrian Reid - LegaciGlobal Adrian Bayrd - Fujitsu Caribbean

                    Moderator: David Smith - Internet Society Barbados Chapter

                    Ashell Forde - Chairperson, Barbados IGF Steering Committee

                    Rodney Taylor - Data Processing Department

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                    • The Cave Hill School of Business, UWI Cave Hill
                    • (246) 535-1265
                    • 8:30am - 3:00pm